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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

Announcing new Six Colors membership levels

Almost seven years ago, I announced the Six Colors membership plan. It started as a way to support the site and in return receive some “cool extras.” What those extras were, I didn’t actually specify in my original post. I’m pretty sure we started with a monthly newsletter with some original content and then added (almost on a whim!) the Six Colors Podcast, which ended up being quite well received.

Nearly seven years running a membership program (and nearly eight years of going out on my own!) feels like a lifetime. I’m happy to say that we have added a bunch of benefits to the membership program over that time. When we jumped to WordPress in 2020 we were finally able to post members-only content to the site and put it in the RSS feed. We also built a great Slack community that we recently moved to Discord. I’m happy to report, it’s still a great and welcoming community.

I know where you think this is going. You think I’m buttering you up before announcing that I’m raising the price of a Six Colors membership, which has been at $6 a month (or $60/year) since the very beginning.

I’m not.

Instead, we’re doing here what we did over at The Incomparable from the very beginning (and what my pal David Sparks did with his website recently), and adding multiple membership tiers.

The base level of support, which we are calling the Supporter Tier, remains at $6/month or $60/year. And every single benefit of that membership remains unchanged:

  • Members-only blog posts
  • The Six Colors podcast
  • The weekly Six Colors newsletter
  • Access to the Six Colors Discord

I don’t want to raise prices, and I don’t want to take benefits away, so we’re not.

We are adding two new levels of support, however. These levels will allow you to give us more money to help us keep doing Six Colors, and you’ll also get some new “cool extras” added into the equation.

More Colors

The tier we’re calling More Colors will cost $10/month or $100/year. It includes everything from the Supporter level, plus:

  • Regular video reports and Q&As. Dan and I have been doing occasional live streams for the public—and we’ll continue to do those. But we’re going to do even more of them just for you! We will talk about new Apple developments, unbox products, and more as we figure it out. We’ll also answer your most pressing questions, which you can submit in the Six Colors Discord. We’ll also archive these videos for people who can’t watch live.
  • A special section of the Six Colors Discord for More Colors members. This is where you’ll submit those questions for the Q&A videos.

  • Six Colors podcast live stream and bonus material. We’re going to start streaming the Six Colors podcast live to Discord! (Only for members at this tier and above.) You’ll be able to hear the magic whatever-it-is as it happens. You might even hear my laundry in the background or Dan’s baby! And after we’re done recording, we’ll stick around afterward for some bonus back and forth with listeners who are discussing the podcast and providing real-time follow-up in the Discord. (And yes, if you can’t be there—we generally record at 9am Pacific, noon Eastern on Fridays—we’ll also post the extended version to the podcast for members at this tier and above.)

Backstage Pass

Then there’s the Backstage Pass tier. This will cost $20/month or $200/year and is for people who want even more direct access. In addition to getting everything from the Supporter and More Colors levels, Backstage Pass members get:

  • Regular group Zoom calls. A live Zoom call with Dan and/or Jason, along with everyone else from the Backstage Pass group who can make it. Talk to us directly! (Finally, a Zoom call worth having!) I recently participated in one of these for another site, and it was pretty awesome to have the give and take with the whole group.
  • A special section of the Six Colors Discord for Backstage Pass members. I don’t think there will be a velvet rope, but you can imagine one if you like.

  • Free stuff! Backstage Pass members in good standing will get an item of Six Colors merch (to be determined—but let’s face it, it will probably be a t-shirt) every year.

If you can support us at any level, we appreciate it. We also post a lot of stuff for free so you can read a lot of our stuff without supporting at all, and that’s okay, too! If you’re currently a member, you can click on any of the links above or on your member page and Memberful should give you the ability to upgrade your membership.

Note: If you are an existing subscriber who wants to upgrade, but also move from an annual plan to a monthly plan, there is a quirk in the Memberful subscription system that will want to defer your new membership until your old one expires. In this case you can cancel and re-subscribe, or email us at the address below and we’ll take care of it for you, pro-rating your existing subscription over the new level you prefer.

Any questions? Email us at And thank you for reading Six Colors!

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