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By Jason Snell

Introducing Six Colors subscriptions

I love doing Six Colors. I’ve been doing it for 14 months now, and I want to keep doing for the rest of my career.

Our weekly sponsors allow me to assign Six Colors a big chunk of what I do with my overall work week (in addition to all the podcasting and freelance writing). But to keep the site thriving, it needs even more of my attention. That requires the support of readers like you1. The more support Six Colors has, the more time I can devote to it, rather than taking on more outside work to make ends meet.

So today I’m introducing Six Colors subscriptions. This is a way for you to support Six Colors, either on a monthly or annual basis.

The prices are all sixes (of course). A monthly subscription costs $6, and an annual subscription costs $60.

If you like Six Colors and what Dan and I do with the site, this is a great way to support it and let us do even more of it!

Subscribe monthly: $6/month. Subscribe annually: $60/year.

Not just good karma

But while subscribing to Six Colors will undoubtedly generate good karma, warm fuzzies, and other nice things, I don’t want this appeal to be based just on those intangible elements. If you’re going to spend your own hard-earned money to support the site, you should get something special in return. That’s why Six Colors subscriptions will have real benefits.

At the start, that’s Six Colors Magazine, a monthly magazine delivered right to subscribers’ email inboxes. It will feature additional writing (and possibly other stuff!) from me and Dan. We’re still working on all the features of the magazine, and expect that it will evolve over time based on the feedback of subscribers! But only subscribers will get to see it.

Dan and I are also discussing other bonus material that we might create just for subscribers, and have a bunch of other ideas for subscriber benefits. Stay tuned.

Now, as for the actual site, there’s not gonna be a paywall. The primary goal of Six Colors remains to be a freely readable site that contains lots of great stuff about Apple and related technologies. Subscribing is entirely voluntary and should be done because you want to support us and get some cool extras. We want subscriptions to enable us to keep posting great material for everyone to read and share on the Web.

Subscription details

Subscriptions are managed by Memberful. To manage a subscription, click on the My Account link at the bottom of every page of the site, or visit Credit-card transactions are made via Stripe. Our emails will come to you via MailChimp.

Subscribe monthly: $6/month. Subscribe annually: $60/year.

If you want to think about this and subscribe later, no problem — you’ll always find all the details on our subscription page.

Thanks for your consideration! And whether or not you decide to support the site via a subscription, thank you for reading. We hope to keep filling your browser windows and RSS readers with good stuff for years to come.

  1. To my surprise, people have been asking since last year how they can directly support my work. I am honored that you would even think to ask. Thank you. This is how. 

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