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By Jason Snell

Apple announces record fourth quarter

On Thursday, Apple announced results for its fourth financial quarter of 2021, covering July through September. The company generated $83.4 billion in revenue. (The previous two fiscal fourth quarters showed very low growth over the previous year, so this year’s 29% increase in revenue year-over-year is especially impressive.)

iPhone sales were $38.9 billion, up 47% versus the year-ago quarter. It was a very good year for the iPhone business. Services were $18.3 billion, continuing their relentless growth pace at 26% above the year-ago quarter.

Wearables sales were $8.8 billion, up 12% versus the year-ago quarter. That’s a good number out of context, but actually the slowest year-over-year growth rate for the category in almost five years. It’s a very seasonal business, though, so to truly judge the state of Apple’s wearables business, we should wait until the holiday quarter.

iPad sales were $8.3 billion, up 21% versus the year-ago quarter. The iPad business has averaged almost $8B in sales per quarter over the last year. We’ve seen six straight quarters of year-over-year growth for the iPad, 10 of 12, and 14 of 18.

Mac sales were $9.2 billion, up 2% versus the year-ago quarter. Despite the Mac’s smaller year-over-year growth number, it’s important to keep in mind that last year’s fourth quarter was the best Mac quarter ever at the time, and at $9.2B this is a new all-time record quarter in terms of Mac revenue.

As always, we’ve also transcribed the company’s quarterly phone call with analysts. And please enjoy this panoply of charts about Apple’s latest financial results.

Apple quarterly revenue by category pie chart
Mac Revenue
Year-over-year Mac revenue change
iPad revenue
Year-over-year iPad revenue change
iPhone revenue
Year-over-year iPhone revenue change
Services revenue
Year-over-year Services revenue change
Year-over-year Wearables revenue change
Total Apple revenue
Total Apple profit
Year-over-year total revenue change
Percentage revenue by product line
Apple regional revenue (four-quarter average)
Apple regional year-over-year growth
Year-over-year Greater China revenue change

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