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By John Moltz

This Week in Apple: Polarizing lenses

The Apple Vision Pro is here! Well, not yet. And you can’t afford one. So is it really here? No. But the new Macs are! And soon the feature we’ve all been waiting for.

Don’t look forward in anger

Reactions to Vision Pro have really run the gamut. Some were “blown away” by it, declaring it an experience you’ll “find yourself craving”. For others it “deserves to be ridiculed”. (Turns out Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t think much of it. Surprise.)

Zuckerberg aside, there seems no doubt that Vision Pro is incredibly well made and an amazing experience. It’s also really expensive and is making people as uncomfortable as a pair of well-starched underpants.

Many people thought Apple really missed a step in its demo, particularly the part where it showed a father recording a precious family moment while wearing Vision Pro… and then watching it later by himself. Presumably this was after his family has left him.…

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