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By Jason Snell

What’s in my office, 2021 edition

This week my friend Stephen Hackett posted a video tour of his new home studio and along with it, updated the page detailing all the gear he uses.

Last month, we passed the seventh anniversary of this post about my home office set-up. No, I can’t believe there are posts on Six Colors that are seven years old, but here we are. And when I look at the photo that accompanies that post, I am amazed at how much has changed in the intervening time. Same old floor lamp, same foam nerf-ball brain, same monitor and microphone arms, same chair, same carpet. Everything else has changed. So consider this my end-of-2021 update about what’s in my workspace.

On the desk

It’s hard to believe I’ve had my 8-core iMac Pro for four years, but here we are. I suspect 2022 will be the year I replace it, but for that to happen, Apple’s going to need to release a new big iMac or an affordable external display or both.…

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