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By Dan Moren

Rebuilding my smart home: Amping up home theater audio

A new home is a blank slate: an opportunity to start over, to hopefully do things better this time—and probably, ultimately, to end up with the same mess as always. But in this era of smart home tech, it also means a chance to expand and, of course, to upgrade.

As I tinker with the tech setup in my new house, I’ll probably be writing a few pieces about how it’s evolving: not just as I adapt my existing devices to this new space, but hopefully as I get a chance to try out some of the newer technologies that are coming down the road—can’t wait for Matter.

This month, let’s talk a little bit about my home theater setup.

New home theater
Carefully cropped to avoid the pile of empty boxes.

Back in June, Jason was considering how to achieve his single remote lifestyle in the wake of Apple’s new Siri Remote.…

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