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By Jason Snell

What I Use: Getting Organized

I was inspired by Dan’s By Request column to write a similar article about the tools I use to organize and prepare for podcasts.

My approach in preparing for podcasts is similar to Dan’s, though I don’t fret so much about finishing a required work right before an episode of The Incomparable—I can hold that stuff in memory well enough, though I do try to take notes when I’m watching a movie or TV show that I’m about to podcast about.

I use Apple’s Notes app for all of my Incomparable note-taking, usually in the form of typing into my iPad while I’m watching a movie or TV show on my TV. However, sometimes I go all-iPad for the endeavor, as I did with a recent episode about a terrible movie from the 1960s called “The Wizard of Mars.” I watched that movie while in transit home from Los Angeles, so I played the film back in a Picture in Picture window on my iPad while I had Notes open.…

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