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By Dan Moren

By Request: Preparing for Podcasts

Between us, Jason and I do a lot of podcasts, and reader John asks:

I’d like to hear either from Jason or Dan on what you do to prepare for each of your many podcasts. Research, remember what the hell you said last time, etc.

I suspect that our methodology varies greatly, not only between shows, but also just in the way that we approach them. Here’s a breakdown of how I prepare for the various shows that I participate in:

The Incomparable: Prepping for The Incomparable depends largely on what the topic is. Since it changes from week to week, each episode requires something slightly different in preparation. For example, if we’re reading a book or watching a movie, I’ll generally try to consume that media as close to recording as possible. (As Jason and other panelists will tell you, I am somewhat notorious for finishing up a movie or book minutes before the show starts.)…

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