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By Dan Moren

What I Use: Traveling abroad

Dan in India
Dan in India

Traveling halfway around the world has been a bit different from any trip I’ve undertaken in the past, and while I’ve packed most of my usual travel gear, I’ve also found that I’ve needed to make some specific additions and alterations in order to accommodate this journey. So here are a few of the software and hardware tools that I’ve recently added to my collection to make my traveling life just a little bit easier. (And honestly, these are just the tools I use for getting work done—when it comes to actual tools to aid in the traveling process, well, that’s a whole different story.)


Cloak (iOS, macOS): When your travels involve spending a lot of time on unfamiliar Wi-Fi networks, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a worthwhile investment: it makes sure that all your data is secure from prying eyes or malicious snoopers. I’ve spent a while setting up my own personal home VPN, and while I still use it (and it works great, for the most part), it has a few limitations.…

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