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By Dan Moren

Setting up OS X Server VPN on El Capitan

A few months back I ran through using OS X Server on your Mac to set up a VPN, which allows you not only to access computers on your local network while you’re out and about, but also enables forwarding of all Internet traffic through the VPN connection. (Great if you want to make sure that you maintain a secure connection while on public Wi-Fi.)

My guide through that process was an excellent walkthrough hosted by Macminicolo and authored by Rusty Ross. Now the two have joined forces once again to update the guide for El Capitan.

I’d been having some minor problems with the VPN since updating to 10.11, so I walked back through these steps to see if I could isolate the problems. I found one specific issue—the /etc/pf.anchors/ file had been returned to its default version—and also restarted the VPN service, and everything seems to be working well once again. If you’ve run into problems with VPNs since El Cap, I’d advise you to run a check and see if you’ve encountered the same problems.

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