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Apple’s event was shot on the iPhone 15, and that’s still impressive

Frequent contributor Joe Rosensteel writing at his own blog about the fact that Apple’s “Scary Fast” event was shot on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and that some people have taken issue with the fact that Apple still used professional lighting, rigs, and crews to accomplish that:

This whole kerfuffle is similar to something from only a couple months ago, where people got all worked up about The Creator being shot on the Sony FX-3. The camera, in and of itself, didn’t shoot that movie. The workflows enabled by having a smaller camera, were complimented by the nimble, resourceful team shooting the project. If someone ran out and bought a FX-3 they wouldn’t have The Creator any more than running out and buying an iPhone 15 Pro means you’re going to make an Apple video presentation by yourself.

Unsurprisingly, Joe’s take on this is smart and on the money. The iPhone 15 has an amazing camera, and being able to swap it in to a professional setup is pretty incredible. It doesn’t mean you’ll immediately be able to duplicate the results at home, but think about all the things you could do.

—Linked by Dan Moren

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