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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Apple talks to Vision Pro developers

Interesting feature on the Apple Developer site(!) talking to developers who have been through Apple’s developer labs for the Vision Pro. Developers interviewed include Michael Simmons of Flexibits, Ben Guerrette of Pixite, and friend of the site “Underscore” David Smith:

Smith began working on a version of his app Widgetsmith for spatial computing almost immediately after the release of the visionOS SDK. Though the visionOS simulator provides a solid foundation to help developers test an experience, the labs offer a unique opportunity for a full day of hands-on time with Apple Vision Pro before its public release. “I’d been staring at this thing in the simulator for weeks and getting a general sense of how it works, but that was in a box,” Smith says. “The first time you see your own app running for real, that’s when you get the audible gasp.”

The quotes from the developers are obviously unformly positive (this is a piece on Apple’s own developer site), and the existence of the piece also serves as evangelism to get other developers enthusiastic about going to Apple’s VisionOS labs, but it’s still interesting to read the reactions.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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