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by Jason Snell

Unity adds visionOS beta program

Following up on its appearance in the WWDC keynote, 3D authoring platform Unity announced on Wednesday that it is launching a beta program for visionOS development. The company says it’s been working closely with Apple to provide developers with access to the Unity editor and Unity’s PolySpatial technology, all toward the goal of building visionOS apps using Unity’s 3D tools.

The company’s announcement includes an endorsement from Triband, the developer of “What the Golf?” and “What the Car.” Triband CEO Peter Bruun says that the company is already working on a visionOS version of its “What the Golf?” game.

Though developers have had access to Apple’s visionOS tools for a little while now, this new set of tools will give potential visionOS developer—especially game developers—a chance to build much richer experiences.

The next question is, when will Apple begin letting developers test stuff on real hardware?

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