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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Tapbots shares road map for Mastodon client Ivory’s development

If you’ve spent any time at all over on Mastodon, you’ve probably heard about Ivory, a new client for the social network from Tweetbot developer Tapbots—probably in the context of “Man, they opened like two thousand new testing slots for the Ivory beta and they were all gone within five seconds!”1

Whether you’re using Ivory’s current pre-release version or not, you may be interested in what lies ahead for the client. Well, your curiosity is being rewarded: Tapbots has gone ahead and posted a road map for the app, laying out what exactly is in the works for the near future. Currently on the list, which Tapbots plans to update as it goes, are the ability to create content warnings on posts, enhanced profile features, and a filterable navigation bar, among others.

While the list on the Tapbots road map is limited and, as it proclaims, in no particular order, there’s at least one significant feature that’s nowhere to be found: Mac compatibility. Tapbots has said it’s developing a Mac version of the client as well, but so far that has not materialized even as an Early Access option on par with the iOS client. Personally, it can’t come soon enough, as the current state of Mastodon clients on the Mac is pretty underwhelming.

  1. Having used Ivory and many of the other popular Mastodon clients out there, I’m firmly in the camp of Tapbots’s app currently being the best offering out there. 
—Linked by Dan Moren

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