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by Jason Snell

iPhone review: A game-changer years in the making

Me, almost 15 years ago at Macworld:

Apple’s iPhone is a product that’s been years in the making. Apple’s designers have been working on it for years, and the Web has been buzzing about Apple’s entry into the phone market for just as long—or maybe even longer. But now, after six months of intense speculation since its introduction at Macworld Expo, the iPhone has arrived. Although the iPhone is not without a few quirks, it makes good on the hype that surrounded it.

While it’s the 15th anniversary of the iPhone today, I wasn’t one of the reviewers under embargo. We sent out Macworld staffers to wait in lines to buy them—thanks to Brian X. Chen, now of the New York Times, for buying the one I ended up taking with me to review. I wrote my review while on vacation in a canvas-topped tent cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and had to drive down into civilization to file it. What a contrast between such a new, high-tech device and the completely rustic setting.

Child with cookie in meadow
My then two-year-old son in a Sierra meadow, with cookie. Shot on original iPhone.

Anyway, happy 15th to the device that changed everything.

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