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Matter debut pushed until fall

Jennifer Pattison Tuohy, writing at The Verge:

Matter, the new smart home interoperability standard being developed by Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and others, has been delayed. Again. Expected this summer, the launch has been rescheduled for fall of 2022, Michelle Mindala-Freeman of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) which oversees Matter, told The Verge.

CSA claims that the delay is because a lot more platforms than expected are planning on building in Matter support, which certainly makes it sound like a good problem to have, although given that the second part of the explanation is that the software development kit (SDK) needs more time makes me wonder which one of those is truly responsible. That said, they are promising a complete SDK in the second quarter of the year, with a spec to manufacturers by the end of June.

So we’ll need to wait a bit longer for our interoperable smart home tech, which is a bummer on one hand, but on the other, seems totally predictable. These things never launch on time.

—Linked by Dan Moren

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