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by Jason Snell

Investors pass two proposals opposed by Apple

An interesting development in terms of Apple corporate governance, as reported by Levi Sumagaysay of MarketWatch:

Apple investors on Friday voted to support an audit that would examine the impact of the tech giant’s policies and practices on the civil rights of employees, customers and society, as well as an investigation into the company’s use of concealment clauses.

It’s not very often that measures opposed by Apple pass at these meetings, but two of them did. The first will prompt a third-party audit of Apple’s commitment to civil rights, and the second will very specifically probe how the company may have used non-disclosure agreements to induce former employees into silence about working conditions.

Apple, of course, said that the measures were unnecessary because Apple was already doing everything required of it in these areas. It seems like the company may have the opportunity to prove that such statements were correct, and not made in the interest of hiding questionable practices.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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