Six Colors
Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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WinterFest 2021

WinterFest 2021 is on now. It’s a holiday-themed sale of great independent Mac apps, at discounts of 20 or 25 percent:

The new year brings new plans, fresh projects, and great new ideas. Whether you’re mapping out your next novel, finishing your dissertation, planning a product, or writing memories for your grandkids, these great tools will help. As is our custom in this season, we’re hosting a gathering of software artisans who are working to transform research and writing for a new era. We’ve all finished our latest updates, we’re working together to save you lots of money. Get the tools you need at a terrific price, for a very limited time.

Included in the list are some of my favorites, including Scrivener, BBEdit, and Marked. It’s also got some very interesting apps that I mean to use more in the future—I’m probably going to buy myself a license for Hook Pro, since David Sparks keeps evangelizing it.

Check the whole list out and see if any of them strike your fancy.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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