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Apple sues spyware maker NSO Group

Apple Newsroom:

Apple today filed a lawsuit against NSO Group and its parent company to hold it accountable for the surveillance and targeting of Apple users. The complaint provides new information on how NSO Group infected victims’ devices with its Pegasus spyware. To prevent further abuse and harm to its users, Apple is also seeking a permanent injunction to ban NSO Group from using any Apple software, services, or devices.

The complaint offers new information about a (since-patched) exploit called FORCEDENTRY that was used to install NSO’s Pegasus spyware on Apple devices. NSO, which has been accused of selling its spyware to many foreign governments, is now in a financial crisis after being blacklisted by the U.S. Commerce Department earlier this month.

Say what you will about Apple’s policies regarding bug bounties and other security issues—the company is capable of spending a nearly infinite amount of money on lawyers who will try to make NSO Group’s existence painful for a very long time.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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