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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Apple’s goal for Apple TV+

Brandon Katz of The Observer has a good overview of Apple TV’s current subscriber base, how Apple’s strategy of focusing on building a high-quality catalog of originals is going, and why its metrics for success might not match those of its competitors:

Estimates from industry analyst Entertainment Strategy Guy suggest Apple TV+ has accrued just 8.1 million paying customers in the U.S. (which is certainly less than 20 million). Regardless of which datapoint you choose, the immediate reaction is the same: Apple TV+ is severely lacking after nearly two years.

Yet different streaming services have different ambitions and raw subscriber counts are not the only metric of success and failure in the streaming wars. So before we go slapping labels on Apple TV+ all willy nilly (people still say that, right?), let’s first explore Apple’s greater goals, strategies and future outlook.

If it sometimes seems like Apple is playing a different game than its competitors, that’s because it is.

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