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Stalwart call-recording tool succumbs to Apple silicon

A tool I have used for a dozen years seems to be officially, finally on its way into oblivion, as noted in an Ecamm Network tech note posted last week:

Call Recorder for Skype will not be updated for compatibility with M1 Macs.

Ecamm confirmed to me that the company “currently [has] no plans to support Apple Silicon.”

I still use Call Recorder for Skype for every podcast I record with Skype, mostly because it’s directly integrated into Skype and records calls automatically.

But I suppose the writing has been on the wall for quite a while now. Over the past year, nearly every Skype update has broken compatibility with Call Recorder, requiring Ecamm to issue repeated updates and even change how the app behaves so that it automatically reinstalls itself after Skype kicks it out. It’s been ugly.

Meanwhile, the app’s publisher has seemingly moved on, focusing on its new (and very nice) live-streaming product, Ecamm Live.

I guess it’s the end of an era, or at least it will be once the transition to Apple silicon is complete. Perhaps this will be the final change that drives a lot of podcasters out of Skype and into other, better options. (I use Zoom for many of my podcasts, because of its superior sound quality and recording options, and am always recording with Rogue Amoeba’s excellent Audio Hijack.)

Update: Ecamm has added a blog post confirming the situation.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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