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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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BBEdit updated with random assortment of features

There’s a new update for BBEdit out today, version 13.5, with the usual bevy of new features. When I’m on my Mac, I do almost all of my writing in BBEdit, and I use its text-processing features all the time.

Yes, support for Apple silicon is there. But more immediately applicable are an extended Markdown cheat sheet that will help users use proper Markdown1, the ability to open contextual menus with just a keystroke, and a New Text File command.

In terms of features I will use immediately, the Sort Lines command now allows you to randomize lines, meaning I won’t need to use to randomize Incomparable draft-pick orders ever again. The SFTP features have been updated to be much faster, thanks to local caching of files that are being edited remotely. And there’s a new Rescued Items folder where all your unsaved, untitled documents go, so if you accidentally close an unsaved document and choose to discard it, you can still retrieve whatever what was in that document.

This update is free for all BBEdit 13 owners.

  1. And yes, everything I write is in Markdown. 
—Linked by Jason Snell

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