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Apple adds web interface for managing Apple Card

Apple emailed customers of its Apple Card to let them know that it’s now added a web-based interface for managing the credit card:

We’ve added the ability to access and manage Apple Card online. You can use to make, schedule, or cancel payments; check your available credit; view Monthly Statements; and review your Apple Card Customer Agreement, APR, and other rate information.

Hard to believe, but before this you couldn’t manage your Apple Card on either an iPad or a Mac. It seems pretty close to the iPhone interface, only there’s no way (that I could see) to export your transactions in formats other than PDF at present. But it took a while to add those to the Wallet app too, so not a huge surprise.

Update: As eagle eyed reader Biff points out, you can manage some elements of the Apple Card on the iPad under Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Apple Card, although it doesn’t let you view statements or give you information about your spending habits.

—Linked by Dan Moren

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