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by Dan Moren

A dozen autocorrect annoyances

I’ve complained a lot about autocorrect on iOS, as recently as yesterday, and Twitter follower Dean pointed me towards this nice post at Tech Reflect wrapping up a lot of the frustrations and problems with iOS’s autocorrect:

I’m not a UI designer, but I’d love to tap and hold on “flummox” in the completion bar and it would show all the different available forms (singular, plural, tenses, parts of speech). For a long word or one that is difficult to type, it would save time to make sure I type it correctly.

There are a lot of good thoughts in here about where autocorrect falls down. When we all started using software keyboards 13 years ago, it was a useful crutch, but the more adept we’ve all become at typing on our phones, the more autocorrect seems to get in the way, rather than help. As I said in my above tweet, when it constantly “fixes” my wife’s name, despite the fact that I type it all the time, then something is wrong.

We interact with the iOS keyboard more than anything else in the whole system, and I’d like to see Apple take a comprehensive look at all of this in a future software update.

—Linked by Dan Moren

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