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by Jason Snell

After flipping the Marzipan switch

Craig Hockenberry of The Iconfactory ponders what it’ll be like for app developers to bring their iOS apps to the Mac via Marzipan:

It’s likely that getting your iOS app to run on a Mac will just be a matter of flipping a switch in Xcode. Steve Troughton-Smith has been converting apps using nothing more than a Simulator build, his marzipanify tool, and a lot of clever tweaks with frameworks.

It will be exciting for a lot of developers, including yours truly, to press that button. But it’s also important to temper this enthusiasm with reality: that build setting is just the first step on a long and complicated road. Good interaction doesn’t come for free.

I have no doubt that Apple execs will stand up on stage in San Jose next month and demonstrate how iOS apps can move from iOS to Mac with just one click. It will be a great demo, with amazing applause. But as Craig points out—and as Apple will no doubt point out on stage, as well—the flipping of that switch is the start of the journey, not the end of it.

To make good Mac apps out of iOS apps will require care and consideration and some actual work. After basking in the glow of that first click-and-run moment, iOS developers should expect to spend the rest of the summer doing the detail work to take an apps that run on macOS and make them into apps that excel on macOS.

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