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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Apple cuts price on HomePod to $299

MacRumors reports that Apple has cut the price of the HomePod in the online store from $349 to $299.

We don’t have firm numbers on how many HomePods Apple is selling, but I suspect it’s not enormously high. The product has seen little in the way of improvements since its initial launch more than a year ago, and it’s been widely discounted at retailers in the last six months or so. (I bought a second one for $265 from Target over the holiday season.)

There have been some rumors that Apple might launch a cheaper model, but to me there’s still an open question of what exactly that might look like: where is Apple going to make tradeoffs to save cost?

The bigger issue to me is whether or not Apple’s going to invest in the HomePod’s future. Though I’m confident that the company is still heavily invested in Siri, it’s a matter of what Siri innovations make their way to the HomePod.1 Otherwise, it might as well be the iPod Hi-Fi 2.0.

  1. Not to mention other features, like, say stereo support on the Mac
—Linked by Dan Moren

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