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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Apple revamps AirPods

Hey, look, new AirPods! Apple’s update to its wireless headphones includes 50 percent more talk-time, the “Hey Siri” feature and wireless charging option that we’ve been expecting, and a twist: the W1 chip in the original has been replaced by a new Apple-designed H1 chip.1

That H1 chip apparently features better audio and synchronization, allowing for faster switching between multiple devices, as well as more energy-efficiency for talk time.

By default, the AirPods cost $159, the same price as the original, or $199 if you opt for the new wireless charging case, that’s totally compatible with a hypothetical wireless charging pad.

Personally, I’m still holding out hope Apple will make wireless over-the-ear headphones with its own custom chips in them.2 A man can dream, right?

  1. If you had W2 chip in the betting pool, I’m so sorry. 
  2. Please don’t say Beats. 
—Linked by Dan Moren

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