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Panic to rename Coda

This is a weird one. The Panic Inc. Twitter account tweeted:

Many of you noticed a new Coda on the scene — a reimagined document that just launched at — and were concerned about their name. Thanks for looking out for us! We’ve worked with them and resolved the collision — they are Coda and it’s ok.

The big twist: that also means the massive update to Panic’s Coda currently in the works will not be called Coda!!? (It actually makes a lot of sense — it really is a whole new app.) We’ll post some details on this exciting new thing in a few weeks. 2019 is gonna be fun!

Panic’s Coda is a web-development app for Mac that’s been around since 2007. There’s also Coda for iOS, which has also been renamed “Coda by Panic” as a part of whatever deal the company made with this VC-funded Coda startup.

As Dr. Drang quipped on Twitter, “I hope Panic is seven-figures OK with giving up the Coda name.”

As for, it’s a startup that launched publicly last year that’s billed as a “new kind of productivity doc,” sort of a document that’s also a database that’s also a word processor. It’s a floor wax and a dessert topping.

I hope some of their sweet VC money will grease the skids of whatever Panic is building next.

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