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Google’s Fusion Tables get turned down… for what?

Google is apparently shutting down its nearly nine-year-old Fusion Tables data tool in a year, the company announced:

Notice: Google Fusion Tables Turndown

Google Fusion Tables and the Fusion Tables API will be turned down December 3, 2019. Embedded Fusion Tables visualizations — maps, charts, tables and cards — will also stop working that day. Maps using the Fusion Tables Layer in the Maps JavaScript API v3.37 will start to see errors in August 2019.

I will admit that I have never heard of this product. That said… has “turned down”/”turndown” now entered the Silicon Valley vocabulary? Is “to sunset” no longer euphemistic enough for shutting something off? Will Fusion Tables still operate, but at a much quieter volume? Is Fusion Tables getting a mint on its pillow and its comforter tweaked at a jaunty angle?

[via Travis Estell]

—Linked by Jason Snell

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