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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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‘The Many Setups of the 2018 iPad Pro’

I had been planning to write an article on this topic—and I still probably will, eventually—but Federico Viticci has done a marvelous job in detailing all the ways he works on his iPad, most notably with stands and keyboards:

One of my favorite aspects of working on the iPad is the flexibility granted by its extensible form factor. At its very essence, the iPad is a screen that you can hold in your hands to interact with apps using multitouch. But what makes iPad unique is that, unlike a desktop computer or laptop, it is able to take on other forms – and thus adapt to different contexts – simply by connecting to a variety of removable accessories. The iPad can be used while relaxing on a couch or connected to a 4K display with a Bluetooth keyboard; you can work on it while waiting in a car thanks to built-in 4G LTE, or put it into a Brydge keyboard case and turn it into a quasi-MacBook laptop that will confuse a lot of your friends who aren’t familiar with iPad Pro accessories.

I’m happy to have been mentioned in the article in a few places as an influence. Thanks, Federico!

—Linked by Jason Snell

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