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Office for Mac gets Dark Mode support

Microsoft rolled out a new set of updates to Office 365 customers on the Mac that adds support for Dark Mode in Mojave across all its apps, as well as support for Continuity Camera within PowerPoint.

Many Mac apps are gaining support for Dark Mode, which is great—but the prevalence of black-on-white content still makes it a place I don’t like to spend much time. When future versions of Safari support Dark Mode stylesheets, things will improve somewhat.

There needs to be more thought applied to those giant content areas in apps like Word, Excel, and yes, Numbers and Pages, too. I get that for a true WYSIWYG experience for building a document you’re going to print, you need to see things in black on white—but how about a toggle option? This especially goes for Excel, which I really don’t need to see in the equivalent of print-preview mode when I’m working.

The bottom line: Until all the apps I use give me a way to view their interfaces and content in a light-on-dark context, I don’t think I can use Dark Mode in Mojave.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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