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Apple’s video service gets “Peanuts”

Michael O’Connell of The Hollywood Reporter reports that Apple’s forthcoming video service will not have the football pulled out from under it:

The tech giant, which has not-so-quietly been amassing a strong roster of talent and original productions that is said to start rolling out in 2019, has completed a deal with DHX Media to create series, specials and shorts featuring iconic Charles M. Schulz characters such as Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the entire Peanuts gang. DHX, the Canadian-based kids programming giant that acquired a stake in the Peanuts franchise in 2017, will produce all of the projects.

As HBO’s deal with “Sesame Street” suggests, the battle of the future of television isn’t all about dark and gritty prestige dramas; it’s also about getting family- and kid-friendly content into these services, especially with the launch of Disney+ on the horizon.

People my age have a deep, abiding love for Charlie Brown and the gang. The oldest toy I have is a plush Snoopy. Every holiday season we cart out A Charlie Brown Christmas and crank the Vince Gauraldi Trio on the… well, I guess this year it’ll be on the HomePods.

Anyway, what I’m saying is, I hope this deal works out for Apple, DHX, and kids of all ages.

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