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by Jason Snell

New iPads on the horizon?

Collecting more rumors in advance of Tuesday’s Apple event, there has been some noise about a new iPad, in this February report from Consomac via MacRumors:

Apple has registered new tablets with the Eurasian Economic Commission this week, suggesting that an iPad refresh is likely on the horizon… Two of the tablets have model numbers A1893 and A1954, which don’t correspond with any current iPad mini, iPad, or iPad Pro. There are also a handful of “sample” tablet and smartphone products listed that have model numbers starting with AA and CC, which is uncharacteristic, so it’s unclear what those listings may pertain to.

Macrumors also cites a December report from DigiTimes saying an even lower-cost iPad ($259?!) might be on the horizon. That would be pretty great to see. Splitting the iPad Pro from the iPad and letting them drift upmarket and downmarket has been great for the iPad line as a whole.

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