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Linea Sketch is for more than artists

Major update to The Iconfactory’s Linea Sketch iPad app, adding a bunch of new features and helpfully adding “sketch” to its name.

As a part of the release, The Iconfactory’s Craig Hockenberry linked to an old blog post about how he uses Linea, and it’s instructive in seeing how a “sketching tool” can have applications far beyond people who like to draw pretty pictures:

My iPad Pro is still a great device for reading in a comfy chair, but now it makes a daily journey to my office. If you’re a professional developer, I bet Linea will become a fixture on your desk, too.

Linea Sketch is a carefully designed, full featured sketching app. If you use an Apple Pencil—or have wondered if you should—it’s worth reading Craig’s post and checking out the app.