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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Apple’s 2018 Supplier Responsibility Report

Apple’s been releasing an annual report on health, labor, and environmental practices in its supply chain since 2007. The company touts its transparency on investigating issues in its supply chain, whether they involve unsafe working conditions or bad environmental practices, as well as programs for educating and protecting the employees of its suppliers.

This year’s highlights include the fact that all of the company’s final assembly sites for the iPhones are now zero waste to landfill, a report on the health awareness program for women that was launched last year, and the new Factory Line Leader Program that aims to bring workers additional training, as well as internships and possible full-time employment.

In the company’s audit of Labor and Human Rights at 756 suppliers, it uncovered 44 Core Violations, including falsification of working hours, bonded-labor, and underage labor.

The full 59-page report is available as a PDF.

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