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Apple’s software “problem” and “fixing” it

A few weeks back on Upgrade, talking about the low scores for software quality in the 2017 Apple Report Card, I mentioned that while those of us on the outside could judge the outcome of Apple’s internal processes, it was harder for any of us to prescribe solutions, because there are very few people who have managed the development of software platforms used by millions of consumers. Maybe Scott Forstall (Apple) or Steven Sinofsky (Microsoft), some others, but it’s not a long list.

Well, after Mark Gurman’s Bloomberg report about changes to Apple’s software process, who spoke up about the topic but former Microsoft Windows head Steven Sinofsky! (It’s a long tweetstorm, but in Medium form it’s a short article.)

Here’s his summation/final tweet:

So to me on Apple, even as an outsider, I feel confident saying that this isn’t reactionary/crisis or a response to externalities. Importantly it isn’t a massive pivot/”student body left”. It’s a methodical and predictable evolution of an extremely robust and proven system.

The entire thing is worth a read. You can agree or disagree, but there’s no denying that Sinofsky has a unique perspective—he’s been in that seat, he’s had to deal with these kinds of processes, and he knows exactly what the big issues are.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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