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Apple will replace your iPhone battery

Last week Apple said that it would lower the price of its battery-replacement program to $29, for anyone whose battery needed to be replaced—leaving a lot of people wondering if Apple would continue its policy of testing your battery first and refusing to replace it if it didn’t fail a diagnostic test. (I heard from a few people who were frustrated by this policy, since they felt they were seeing battery issues but Apple flatly refused to replace their batteries.)

In any event, MacRumors got confirmation from Apple that the company will replace your iPhone 6 or later battery if you ask, regardless of whether it passes or fails diagnostic tests. That’s good news.

Also good news, and the answer to another frequently-asked question: It seems that if you’ve recently paid $79 for a battery upgrade, you may want to request a partial refund from Apple. MacRumors reports that the company is refunding the $50 difference, at least to some people who ask.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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