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Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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‘The Mac Still Feels Like Home’

I think Gabe Weatherhead’s piece about trying to use an iPad instead of a Mac is a good description of the current state of affairs:

The Mac still feels more comfortable for almost everything. The Mac feels less innovative and “fun” but I actually feel more relaxed when using multiple windows, real keyboard shortcuts, and a true file manager. The irony here is that the size and design of the iPad makes it more of a joy to use, but it’s also tainted by inefficiency. I do almost every task faster and more easily with my Mac than I can do it on my iPad Pro.

Of course, portability is the real strength of the iPad Pro. I want no other computer when I’m stuck on a plane for six hours. Don’t even try to use a regular laptop on a modern airplane dining tray. I barely notice the weight of the iPad in my backpack to the point that it’s just a peripheral part of my travel gear. The 10.5 inch iPad is the perfect size for me.

(I need to add systemwide, customizable keyboard shortcuts to my ever-evolving list of future iOS features I’d like to see. Keyboard shortcuts really need to be taken to the next level on iOS.)

I love working on my iPad, but the Mac is superior to it in many ways, and for some people it’s simply not an appropriate tool—and that’s okay. If every product had to be built for every possible user, the world would be a really dull place.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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