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Picturing the bezel-less iPad Pro

Here are some nice mock-ups of a bezel-less and home-button-less iPad Pro by Benjamin Geskin. They look good, though I do wonder about the challenge of building a TrueDepth sensor bar that works in both portrait and landscape orientations. Supporting both orientations is a must for the iPad—I use mine in landscape far more than portrait, though I know other people are the opposite way. The Smart Keyboard forces a landscape orientation, and Apple wouldn’t build an iPad Pro that couldn’t use Face ID.

One challenge with putting the sensor on either edge is that you risk having a hand cover up the sensor while holding the device. And of course, the Face ID software will need to support either orientation. I have no doubt that Apple’s engineers are up to the challenge, but it’s interesting to imagine how they’ll solve the particular ergonomic problems of the iPad Pro. (Assuming, of course, that Face ID on iPad Pro really happens as Mark Gurman suggests.)

[via David Sparks]

—Linked by Jason Snell

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