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Dropbox app updated for iOS 11… and Files

Dragging and dropping an image from Mail (left) directly into a shared folder in my Dropbox (right).

App updates aren’t always big news, but today’s Dropbox for iOS update is. That’s because the app has been updated to fully support Files, the new file-management app that’s a core part of iOS 11.

Dropbox was never an enthusiastic supporter of previous iOS filing features, but the appearance of the Dropbox logo on slides at WWDC in June gave me hope that the relationship had completely turned the corner. And here’s the result: Dropbox appears to have entirely implemented support for Files, so I can drag files into and out of Dropbox natively, just as easily as I can from iCloud Drive. (I even dragged a few files out of iCloud Drive and into Dropbox, for fun. The files weren’t properly syncing with my iCloud Drive on my Mac, but guess what? When I moved them to Dropbox they synced instantly.)

For those of us who rely on Dropbox and use our iPads for work, this makes good on the promise of the Files app. I can’t wait to use it.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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