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Matias introduces Apple-style wired keyboard

Here’s some keyboard nerdery: Apple doesn’t currently make a wired keyboard1, just two variations on the wireless Magic Keyboard—one with numeric keypad, one without. If you’d prefer a wired Keyboard in the Apple style, Matias has you covered with a new $59 Wired Aluminum Keyboard that’s made in Apple style. It’s basically a dead ringer for the Apple keyboard, but wired, and with an analog volume dial tucked away at the back.

Matias also makes Apple-inspired wireless keyboards as well as a host of mechanical keyboards that are more my style. I just wrote a couple of articles yesterday on the Mini Tactile Pro attached to my iPad via Apple’s USB adapter.

  1. Pedant alert: Yes, if you connect a lightning cable to the Magic Keyboard and your Mac it’s a “wired keyboard.” You’re just paying for Bluetooth and a battery… and $70 more than the Matias. 
—Linked by Jason Snell

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