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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Brent Simmons’s new feed reader is Evergreen

Brent Simmons is perhaps best known as the creator of NetNewsWire, the venerable RSS reader, and he’s back in the feed reader business with Evergreen. The app is in extremely early stages–Simmons points out that it doesn’t even have an icon yet–but is available for download if you want to give it a whirl. Simmons says there won’t be an iOS version and that the app is written out of love, so it won’t be a paid offering.

NetNewsWire was an indispensable part of my workflow back when I first started writing about tech, and I used it for many, many years. These days I’m primarily a Reeder guy, and I’ve definitely trimmed back my feeds, but I welcome a new entrant in the category, especially from somebody as sharp as Brent.

Also worth noting: Simmons is on this week’s episode of John Gruber’s The Talk Show along with Manton Reece–Simmons and Reece co-created JSON Feed, the hot new syndication format that everybody’s talking about.

—Linked by Dan Moren

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