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MacStories’s iOS 11 wish list and concepts

The ever thorough Federico Viticci has an in-depth rundown of what he’d like to see in iOS 11 on the iPad, complete with an eye-catching concept video:

Even in its apparent simplicity, the Shelf would still be a feature for iPad power-users who want a better way to deal with multiple bits of content. As such, the Shelf would require a specific gesture to be activated when users want to pull content from the Shelf and drop it into an app. In our concept, a three-finger swipe opens the Shelf when an item is not being dragged towards it; this gesture wouldn’t conflict with scrolling in apps, text cursor movement, or Notification Center. When the user has identified an item they need, they can grab it from the Shelf and insert it into a compatible app.

For a moment, I thought to myself that a three-finger swipe is hardly discoverable. Then I reminded myself that that ship sailed when Apple added 3D Touch. Might as well go all in.

Nobody knows the iPad better than Viticci, and his ideas here are pretty well thought out and almost all things I’d be delighted to have: Improved split screen? Multiple audio streams? A unified file-management interface? Sign me up!

Hard as it is to believe, we’re only a few weeks away from seeing what Apple has in store for iOS 11, and I’m sure hoping that it’s a fraction as forward-thinking as what Viticci has concocted.

—Linked by Dan Moren

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