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Joe Kissell takes control of Take Control Books

Here’s a Mayday surprise: veteran tech writer Joe Kissell (author of too many Take Control books to name) is now the owner of the Take Control brand! TidBITS proprietor–and outgoing co-owner–Adam Engst explains:

By selling Take Control to Joe, we get the comfort of knowing that we’re putting a successful business in highly capable hands, especially when it comes to taking care of our people. Numerous authors and editors rely on Take Control for income, and it was important to us that they be able to continue to do so. And when it comes to readers, we know Joe shares our commitment to quality, so you’ll be able to continue to trust what you read in Take Control’s pages. There’s no room for alternative facts in our books.

This is great news. I worked with Joe on Take Control of Keynote and, of course, know him well from my Macworld days, and he’s an incredibly knowledgable and, more importantly, fastidious writer when it comes to these topics. Adam and Tonya couldn’t have made a better choice for the future of these superbly useful books, and I have no fears that Take Control is in great hands.

Here’s Joe on the change:

I have a pretty rich imagination, and I’ve often daydreamed about other things I might do with my life if I weren’t a full-time tech author. But not once, in the nearly 14 years that I’ve been writing books for Take Control, did the thought even briefly flit through my mind that I might buy my own publisher. It took me a while to wrap my head around it.

—Linked by Dan Moren

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