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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Panic looks back on 2016

Panic is one of the stalwarts of the Apple ecosystem, and its year-in-review posts always make for interesting reading–particularly this past year, when it added game development to its resume. Here’s co-founder Cabel Sasser:

We got to support good friends in making something cool, we got to establish our name a little bit in a new industry, we got to push our marketing skills, and we learned a ton about what it takes to make and ship a game. Firewatch was also a financial success for us – a very solid return on our investment – which has created a nice cushion that I think will allow Panic to develop more software, take more risks, and try more crazy things in the future. That means Firewatch’s success is everyone’s gain. (Even you, the person who might be waiting for a new Coda!)

Cabel also teases some of what is coming down the pipe for Panic in 2017, most notably a major update to the company’s long-running file transfer client, Transmit.

Also of note is that 2017 is Panic’s 20th anniversary. That’s a darn long time for an independent software company, and it’s gratifying to see it still going strong. Transmit and Prompt are tools that I rely on every day, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else is up the company’s sleeves.

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