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Best and Worst of the Super Bowl Ads

For the record, my favorites were:

  • Bai, featuring a great Christopher Walken appearance followed by a silent, quizzical take from Justin Timberlake. I still don’t know what Bai is. (Wait, I looked it up. It’s sweetened water? Yuck.)

  • Budweiser, showing the story of the German brewer who emigrated to America and founded the brewery. I don’t have to like their beer, but I like their commercial.

  • Intel, starring an amazing brindle Boxer named Jack as well as some dude named Brady who eats food off the floor.

  • Honda, featuring moving and talking Yearbook photos of famous people. Technically great, and a good script, too.

See also: the Chicago Tribune’s grades and a best and worst list from Peter Hartlaub.