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Linked by Dan Moren

Computer, tea, Earl Grey, hot!

Our good friend Stephen Hackett was kind enough to point out that Amazon has quietly added another wake word to the Amazon Echo’s repertoire. That’s right, in addition to summoning the lady in the canister by using “Alexa,” “Echo,” or “Amazon,” you can now simply use “Computer.”

So, of course, I immediately changed mine and made my first command “Computer! Beam me up.” To which the Echo replied “At warp speed, captain? The engines’ll never take it!” 1

  1. I confess, I don’t know if I will stick with “computer.” I’ve kind of gotten used to addressing the Echo as “Alexa”—it feels more personable. Also I may have yelled at my Echo to turn on the lights about two or three times last night before I sheepishly realized I was saying “Alexa” still.  ↩