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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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BBC interviews Tony Fadell on the iPhone’s 10th anniversary

The BBC’s Dave Lee talks to the “godfather of the iPod” about the origin of the iPhone in a slightly odd interview:

It began with one manufacturer in Malmo, Sweden – a trip which ended with all of their bags, notes and equipment being stolen from their cars while they were inside a restaurant having dinner.

“They knew we were building a phone,” Fadell said.

“We asked our host where to get to dinner,”Š we were there all of 20 or 30 minutes because we were tired.

“When we got back to the car, every single thing in the car was gone. Every single bag. We swear it was corporate espionage.”

Also included are “the time Tony Fadell lost an iPhone prototype on a plane,” “the time Tony Fadell went behind Steve Jobs’s back to make the iPhone work with a stylus (though it didn’t eventually ship with one),” and “the time Tony Fadell laughed and laughed at Steve Ballmer.” Basically, there’s a lot of Tony Fadell.

—Linked by Dan Moren

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