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Vin Scully: The Man, The Voice, The Stories

Dodger announcer Vin Scully is a national treasure, the best that ever was. He’s retiring at the end of this season, after 67 years broadcasting for the team in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Here’s a great tribute to Scully assembled by ESPN’s Jayson Stark from two dozen of his colleagues:

So how do we capture the magnitude of Vin Scully, the meaning of Vin Scully, the miracle of Vin Scully? Not with our words, but with the words of the men and women who have known him best, whose company he has shared, whose lives he has touched, whose careers he has described and even transformed.

I have friends who live in the house that longtime Giants broadcaster Russ Hodges built. I sometimes imagine who might have come to cocktail parties in that house. Maybe Vin Scully came by one night. That’s fun to think about.

(Also, if you are someone who doesn’t care about baseball, but enjoys other nerdy stuff, I will leave you with this: Who do you think Dana Scully of “The X-Files” is named for?)

[via drfindley]

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