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WSJ goes hands on with third-party Siri integration

At the Wall Street Journal, Nathan Olivarez-Giles tries out some third-party apps that will be offering Siri integration when iOS 10 is released:

The Siri commands I saw in action centered around mobile payments, image search and messaging. I could say, “Siri, send Catherine $20 for lunch with Cash,” and the Square Cash app would transmit the funds. (Not to worry—your unique fingerprint is required to complete the transaction.) Saying “Hey Siri, send Jim Gonzalez a message in LinkedIn” sends a direct message to a contact via the Microsoft Corp.-owned social network.

I understand starting small and then expanding the offering to more types of apps, but personally, most of what the Siri integrations are offering at launch are things I won’t use that much. I may use Square Cash once in a while, and messaging via Slack is certainly a welcome addition, but if I ever start sending messages via Linked In, slap me.